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Finding the Source of the Problem

When a new patient arrives at Atlas Physical Therapy, the first step in care is an evaluation that comprises both a consultation and physical exam to determine the exact nature of the problem.

The results of imaging studies of the patient, such as the MRI, are also an important component in diagnosing the patient's problem. However ... CONTINUE READING


Traveling With Kids in 2017

The holidays have come and gone, but many parents are still feeling a little dazed by the whirlwind of excitement and chaos. If you traveled during the holidays, you might be wondering now how you could've done it without the Santa Claus leverage ("If you don't stop poking your sister ... CONTINUE READING


Client Testimonials

"Feeling better without injections and medication!

"I came to Sam (Atlas Therapy), unable to stand up straight or walk more than a couple of feet, and I was in bad shape for approximately one year. The pain was very severe.

"After having already gone through other therapies and ... CONTINUE READING

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A Gentle, Responsive Approach

It's pretty cliché in the physical therapy world to tell a patient that they are in good hands. In the case of the manual therapy we specialize in at Atlas PT, though, you can take the phrase much more literally. I love using my hands to treat a patient with direct contact, as it offers responsiveness that no other method can ... CONTINUE READING


Declutter Your Kitchen

The kitchen can be an organizational nightmare. People are in and out of it all day long. Items end up in different places every time someone empties the dishwasher. Sometimes it feels like you can find everything except the ... CONTINUE READING


The Spectacular Island of Lindos

There are so many amazing islands to visit in the nation of Greece. While Santorini may get the most attention, the town of Lindos on the island of Rhodes offers travelers a unique chance to experience beautiful ... CONTINUE READING

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